Here aresome picture of some our 'chef at home' events to give you an idea of what is possible.

Dinners, walking dinner, reception, drinks, sweets, italian dinner or gastronimic degustation, it is all possible.  





Swan market is a Dutch initiative that made its debut in Antwerpen. As we saw this, we wanted to be part of it.

We served Francesco's home made focaccie with different fillings and some sweets to finish. It was so much fun, and the weather was fantastic.

Our focaccia stand is a perfect option for your event.



Dinner in Malaysia

A few years ago , around New Year 2011-2012, Francesco and I made our way to Malaysia, where my father had moved to. As Francesco and I cook for a living, he asked us to organize a dinner for his staff and partners. So true to ourselves , we made a lot, A LOT of food. 

It was very succesful, because the next year, we were able to do it again.


Una vacanza toscana - A tuscan holiday

Se anche voi amante viaggiare , scoprire nuovi sapori e rilassarvi godendovi un buon bicchiere di vino, allora non possiamo fare altro che raccontarvi della nostra indimenticabile esperienza alla Fattoria Le Capezzine di ‘‘Avignonesi’’

Do you, love traveling, discover new flavors , and relax with a good glass of wine ? Then we must tell you about our




One Day I Received A Phone Call From My Grandmother, Who Lives In Spain, Asking Me If We Could Organise A Cakes And Tea Party For Her And Her Friends  When She Would Come To Antwerp.  

As A Little Girls , Before They Moved To Spain, My Sisters And I Used To Spend A Lot Of Time At Our Grandparents. Our Grandmother Would Take Us To The Tennis Club, Where Most Of Her Friends Were



launch op CRUST in Ghent in MILLI VANILLI, a super miami vice insprired bar in ghent.



Last year Natasha contacted us concerning her upcoming wedding to Jorn. As a blogger herself, she found pictures of what we did for Kiehl's on a blog and wanted the same feeling for her wedding. The United States had a special meaning to them and they were moving to L.A. a bit after their wedding (


60's birthday party

A theme worked out for the 60th birthday of Francesco's dad. His trademark is his mustache, so my sister crafted this mustache stamp. It came out great.

While searching the web I came to this idea of ' 60 letters why we love you', and I thought this was a perfect opportunity. Giacomo is a man who always puts everyones needs in front of his own. He is a winderful husband, father and now


Kiehl's Event

Our very first corporate event: the launch of a new product by Kiehl's. We were asked to prepare a lunch and an afternoon tea within the Kiehl's atmosphere. This meant american style since it is an american brand but with a stylish retro twist since it started as a pharmacy. The result: a beautiful table with a balance between the american theme : blue, red and white as main colors , popcorn,


Curcuma : colorfull and extremely healthy / Curcuma : colorato ed estremamente salutare

We eat with our eyes first. Isn’t it true ? When a dish looks good, doesn't it taste extra good?

Color is a major component in a dish. When something is dull of color we do not feel attracted to eat it. There have been many studies on the look of food having influence on how we eat and buy. Certain colors we associate with certain food and certain colors are going to make us want to buy