60's birthday party

A theme worked out for the 60th birthday of Francesco's dad. His trademark is his mustache, so my sister crafted this mustache stamp. It came out great.

While searching the web I came to this idea of ' 60 letters why we love you', and I thought this was a perfect opportunity. Giacomo is a man who always puts everyones needs in front of his own. He is a winderful husband, father and now grandfather. So we made envelopes filled with memories, drawings, pictures and reasons why we love him. We did not get to 60 nvelopen, because he still has many memories to make. there was one in particular Francesco and I were thinking about. At that time we just found out we were pregnant. It was still to soon to tell but if everything went well one of the next envelope will be filled with something from his second grandchild. (and yes, the little one is come at the end of november).

it was a suprise party, and for sweets I made a very masculin cupcake, I think, chocolate espresso.